Uzina (2019)

Le Réseau des Balkans de Toestand continue de s'étendre. Après Pristina et Tetova, les jeunes de Tirana nous ont également demandé de construire un lieu de rencontre socioculturel. Avec des jeunes des quatre pays, nous avons transformé une usine de tracteurs abandonnée à Uzina en un lieu ouvert à l'initiative et l'expérimentation.


Hapësira Kulturore Uzina – Albania

Tirana Social Center involves local people coming together to identify and work on issues that matter most to them. Tirana Social Center is the result of a year long effort to build a community-based space in Shkoze and the Toestand International Project of 2019. It resulted in the founding of ngo TSC, in September 2019.  

The area where TSC operates, - namely where its volunteers gather, discuss, take care of the building and try to engage the surrounding community via participatory strategies, - is made of marginalized people. Everything we do or initiate is based upon a community-led approach.

You can follow Hapësira Kulturore Uzina on facebook or instagram.

  • Partners: Motivated individuals, Toestand, Termokiss, Social Cultural space Tetova, etc
  • From 06.07.19 to 16.07.19
  • 80 people (from Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Swiss, Belgium, France, Italy, etc)
  • Pictures on Facebook and here
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