Uzina (2019)

Het Balkannetwerk van Toestand blijft uitdijen. Na Pristina en Tetova vroegen ook jongeren in Tirana om samen met ons een sociaal-cultureel trefpunt te bouwen. We vormden met jongeren uit de vier landen een verlaten tractorfabriek in Uzina om tot een plek voor initiatief en experiment.


Hapësira Kulturore Uzina – Albania

Tirana Social Center involves local people coming together to identify and work on issues that matter most to them. Tirana Social Center is the result of a year long effort to build a community-based space in Shkoze and the Toestand International Project of 2019. It resulted in the founding of ngo TSC, in September 2019.  

The area where TSC operates, - namely where its volunteers gather, discuss, take care of the building and try to engage the surrounding community via participatory strategies, - is made of marginalized people. Everything we do or initiate is based upon a community-led approach.

You can follow Hapësira Kulturore Uzina on facebook or instagram.

  • Partners: Motivated individuals, Toestand, Termokiss, Social Cultural space Tetova, etc
  • From 06.07.19 to 16.07.19
  • 80 people (from Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Swiss, Belgium, France, Italy, etc)
  • Pictures on Facebook and here
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