Termokiss (2016)

Toestand a collaboré avec InfoQuartier Mâche (Suisse) et la Kosovo Architecture Foundation (Pristina). 25 Belges, 15 Suisses et 5 à 20 Kosovars se sont mouillés la chemise pendant une semaine. Ensemble, nous avons converti l'échangeur de chaleur abandonné de Termokos en centre socioculturel alternatif "Termokiss".


Termokiss is a community-run center in Prishtina, and sees its mission as stimulating urban and civil exchange, reflection, and creating change. The project started in 2016 after a joint effort from Toestand, Mache (Swiss partner), Prishtina Architecture week, and a bunch of locals.

Operating from what was formerly an abandoned and forgotten building in south-western Prishtina, Termokiss now welcomes a range of activities as long as they are not-for- profit. The local community manages all the activities and organizational processes. The activities that take place in this space are determined both by the needs of the community and by the skills offered by the volunteers. The space promotes mutual aid and cooperation and welcomes everyone, especially those whose voices and contributions are not always heard or appreciated.

You can follow Termokiss on facebook or instagram.

  • Partners: Motivated individuals, Prishtina Architecture week, Mâche Bienne, etc
  • From 09.07.16 to 19.07.16 
  • 60 people (from Kosovo, Swiss, Belgium, France, etc) 
  • Pictures on Flickr
  • Video on Facebook
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