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Brussels exchange

Toestand x Termokiss x Space Tetova x Uzina x DKC Sarajevo: Brussels Exchange

Seven years ago, Toestand made an international trip to Kremenchuk (Ukraine), creating a socio-cultural space for and with local youngsters in ten days. From then on, the space was fully taken over by the local youngsters. Every year since then, a different city has been visited with the same goal in mind: Kremenchuk (UA), Prishtina (XK), Granada (ES), Tetovo (MK), Tirana (AL) & Sarajevo (BH). 

In the last 4 years, the project has become more international, with previous crews joining in for every next project resulting in an informal network of international spacebuilders. Several of the social spaces that have been built are still up and running: Termokiss (KS), Space Tetova (MK), Uzina (AL), DKC Sarajevo (BH) & Toestand (BE); which motivated everyone to continue with the initiative to remodel neglected spaces into socially useful areas together with the international network. 

Now we are welcoming everyone to Brussels from the 15th until the 26th of july 2022 where we will have 10 days to connect, reflect, discuss, build, rebuild, construct, visit local initiatives, learn, share, party and much more! More than 80 persons from the international community will join.

Full program here:

Mona est Ouvert

Vous cherchez un endroit pour rencontrer des gens ? Envie d’un petit café, d’un thé ou d’une soupe ? Vous voulez jouer au ping pong? Vous cherchez un accès à un ordinateur ou à du wifi ? Ou juste vous reposer un petit moment ? Tout le monde est le/la bienvenue chaque mardi entre 10 et 16h.

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