Korenbeek is a temporary occupation in an old municipal school in Upper Molenbeek. Toestand and various partners organise activities there for people from the neighbourhood and other Brussels residents. It is an alternative neighbourhood house run by a Toestand team in collaboration with partners and volunteers who benefit from the place. There are several things to do in Korenbeek. Workshops are organised, you can (learn to) play ping-pong and there are regular activities such as boxing classes for women, a radio workshop and many other activities.


Wednesday: from 1pm to 5pm

Friday: from 3pm to 6pm

Korenbeekstraat 133
1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek
Lea Vromman email & Ismaël El Khababi email

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Agenda Korenbeek

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Korenbeek in beeld

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