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Korenbeek is open during the holidays!

Korenbeek wishes you happy holidays and a good holiday! For those who stay in Brussels, we are open during the holidays. You can find us at the usual hours and at the extra hours especially for the winter holidays: 

⁃ Wednesday 22/12 between 12:00 en 19:00 
⁃ Thursday 23/12 between 12:00 en 18:00  
⁃ Friday 24/12 between 9:00 en 14:00 (hours changed exceptionally for holidays) 
⁃ Monday 27/12 between 12:00 en 18:00 
- Tuesday 28/12 between 12:00 en 19:00 
⁃ Wednesday 29/12 between 12:00 en 19:00 
⁃ Friday 31/12: NO PERMANENCE 
- Wednesday 05/01: between 12:00 en 19:00 
- Thursday 06/01: between 12:00 en 18:00
- Friday 07/01: between 12:00 en 19:00
- Saturday 08/01 between 12:00 en 19:00 

What does a permanence mean? You have access to the indoor and outdoor areas to do what you want and you have access to a coordinator to answer your questions (with a cup of coffee of course). If you want to organise something special in our premises: film evenings, coffee tables, mini-football tournament... don't hesitate to contact us! Translated with (free version)

Toestand Academy is back!

Toestand Academy offers a series of workshops in which we teach you how to find your way within various DIY themes that one can face during the temporary use of an empty building. These workshops are given by experts who come to share their knowledge and experience.

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