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BARA 142 is coming to an end. As from September 2019, the former NMBS-building was occupied by 30 non-commercial organisations, collectives and artists. Soon, the building will be transformed into its final destination, a complex of social living units. We want to end the Toestand era of the space with one last exhibition. This will be the ideal opportunity for the residents of the Barastraat to show to the public their atelier and what they’ve been up to past year and a half. 

Bye Bye Bara will be an ambiguous exposition, in which local artists as well as artists from the different countries with whom Toestand International collaborated with in the past years will participate. A walk-through sometimes stand still route along all the small universes created in the empty rooms of the building. The total representing one big joyeux bordel. Simultaneously, the exhibition serves as a crowdfunding for the 2021 International’s project planned during the course of July in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Where, in 2 weeks time, an empty building will be transformed into a socio-cultural space for the local youth. 

The exposition will take place at Barastraat 142, 1070 Anderlecht on 25, 26, 27 and 28 March 2021.

Mona is Open

Looking for a space to meet other people? Or just a space to sit and enjoy? Like some coffee, tea or soup? Want a space to play, for yourself or for your kid(s)? Wanna chill out and use a computer or just connect to our wifi? Welcome every Tuesday between 10 and 16h.

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