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A book on Allee Du Kaai

With pain in our hearts, we have closed the doors of Allee Du Kaai for good. Last year on 12 January 2022, we released a book about the project. It compiles the good, the bad and the ugly of the past 9 years. In the book, you will discover our experiences in a particular neighbourhood undergoing a mega transformation, share our successes and failures and ask questions about our role in the city. It tells the story of Allee Du Kaai, from beginning to end. With lots of photos and testimonials from partners and volunteers. But also about the management of a temporary project like Allee Du Kaai. How we optimised the space and how we installed an approachable welcome. Some themes we discuss: How to build an alternative city? Who are the players on Allee Du Kaai?Why do we occasionally turn a blind eye? Why do something the easy way when it can also be done the hard way? Are there limits to temporality?What legacy will Allee Du Kaai leave behind? 

We have invested with an entire community over the past 9 years. 9000 m2 that is a work of many hands and hearts. For the book, this was no different. Interested in a memento of this place? Then email

Mona is Open

Looking for a space to meet other people? Or just a space to sit and enjoy? Like some coffee, tea or soup? Want a space to play, for yourself or for your kid(s)? Wanna chill out and use a computer or just connect to our wifi? Welcome every Tuesday between 10 and 16h.

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