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Is Toestand for Everyone?

For Everyone, By Everyone?

Toestand (Allee Du Kaai, Rauterdam, Korenbeek, In Limbo, International project of Toestand Academy, Dakh ...) pretends to be there for everyone, by everyone. 

Unfortunately, we do not always succeed in this. We would like to be a community where everyone feels good, and expose and tackle both the open and hidden sexism, racism, ableism in our own ranks.Therefore, we invite everyone who feels involved in Toestand to answer a number of questions anonymously. 

Toestand is ten years old and has gone through many changes in that time. For this survey, we are looking for recent testimonials from the past three years. 

At the next general meeting, we will work with the results.Fill in the survey right away, it’s anonymous and takes around 6 minutes to complete.

Mona is Open

Looking for a space to meet other people? Or just a space to sit and enjoy? Like some coffee, tea or soup? Want a space to play, for yourself or for your kid(s)? Wanna chill out and use a computer or just connect to our wifi? Welcome every Tuesday between 10 and 16h.

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