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Bye Bye Rauter

We communicated very little about our project at the foot of a block of Foyer Anderlechtois. Those who work for the neighbourhood don't have to bellow that widely, they should mostly be there. Almost every Wednesday you could find us there. Using a recuperated chip shop as our base, we imagined a village square there for a year. We were café, lending service, listening ear, pancake house, art gallery, storage and a chip shop with free hand-cut chips. We beat the winter cold, set up the first spring terrace, slided on a soap covered bache tarp an idyllic summer, watched the leaves fall in the park. Now a year later we stall out. Yesterday we baked the last chips and presented a book with interviews, drawings and photos of local residents.It’s a beauty (available for the recommended free contribution of 5 euros at  

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