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Dearest friends, partners, visitors and solidarity network of Allee Du Kaai

Due to the Coronavirus pandemics, we decided to make some changes in our planning, in order to ensure everybody's health.
Pandemics such as Covid-19 ask us not only to think about the ones we know, but also about the ones we don’t know, especially the most vulnerable persons: the elderly, homeless and those in poor health. Since there’s no remedy or vaccine yet, limiting physical contact is the only solution.

We’re trying to approach this Corona outbreak as concerned members of a community. *This decision is taken out of love and care, not out of fear. * <3
We understand that this might make some of us sad or worried, but this situation can also lead to more solidarity. Social distancing does not mean social isolation. 

Let’s respect a set of simple rules:
All activities from Friday March 13 onwards until Friday April 3 will be cancelled or postponed. You can find a list with all the specific activities below. We evaluate the evolutions of this Corona outbreak every day. 


Sat 14/03 – Kaaicouture

Sun 15/03 – Sunday Skate Session + Intro Skate Class

Mon 16/03 – Tai Chi + Monday skate session

Tue 17/03 – Atelier Tissue Aerien

Wed 18/03 – Ouvert les Mercredis - Open op Woensdag 

Wed 18/03 – Pannavoetbaltornooi / Tournoi pannasoccer

Wed 18/03 – Wednesday Skate Session 

Thu 19/03 – Le Bazar SINGA

Thu 19/03 – Meeting Toestand International

Fri 20/03 – 53bis building days

Fri 20/03 – Jam Sessions

Sat 21/03 – KaaiCouture

Sat 21/03 – Ouvert les Samedis - Open op Zaterdag 

Sat 21/03 – ALLEE DU SKATE  (BX'elles - Girls skate crew) - postponed

Sun 22/03 – Sunday Skate Session + Intro Skate Class 

There are people experiencing racism due to Corona. If you see/hear/witness racist reactions, please re-act appropriately. In this article you can read a few things you can do to un-racialise the epidemic. 

Do not hesitate to connect with us through facebook, mail, whatsapp or other channels.
Virtual hugs,
Allee Du Kaai 

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