Allee du Kaai Avenue du Port 53, 1000 Bruxelles
BiestebroekBis (Anderlecht) Rue Gustaaf Vanden Berghe 24, 1070 Anderlecht
  • Activiteiten
    8/03 Volunteer Moment Bénévoles + Biestebar

    On Friday, our volunteers meet at BiestebroekBis‘ Biestebar to catch up and spend some time together. Would you like to become a volunteer at Toestand? Then this evening is the perfect opportunity to join! 
    Friday 8.03 @ BiestebroekBis  
    Fb: Volunteer Moment Bénévoles + Biestebar 

    10/03 BiestebroekBis Brocante

    Looking for something to pimp your home? A game for the kids? An original piece of clothing for the most stylish spring ever? Then BiestebroekBis is the place to be next Sunday. We’re having a flea market for and by people from the neighborhood. If you’d like to sell some stuff as well, reserve a sales stand by mailing

    Sunday 10.03@BiestebroekBis 
    14:00 – 18:00 
    Fb:BiestebroekBis Brocante

    23/03 - 24/03 Crazy mini golf building days 

    During these two days we will build awesomely funky, twisted and hilarious mini golf courses at BiestebroekBis. So organise yourself, make a few sketches and try to come up with the craziest idea so we can realise it together. Extra points for recuperating specific materials: the more we have planned or gathered in advance, the more fun we will have while building! Material to make a basic cours will be provided by us, in any case.

    Saturday 23.03 – Sunday 23.03 @ BiestebroekBis
    Fb: Crazy Mini Golf Building Days 

    Marie Moskou (St-Gillis) Rue Moscou, 1060 Saint-Gilles
    Leegstond (Book of Toestand) Boekvoorstelling: 8 mei 2018
    Toestand International Havenlaan 53, 1000 Brussel
    La Dalle (Marolles) Marollen, 1000 Brussel