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Leegstond (Book of Toestand) Boekvoorstelling: 8 mei 2018
Toestand International Havenlaan 53, 1000 Brussel
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    For the past four years, Toestand has been traveling abroad yearly with a large group of volunteers. Over the course of each trip, an abandoned building or public space was activated within a period of two weeks. Not only by our own volunteers, but also with the help of motivated locals and often in collaboration with local organizations.


    Our first international project took place in Kremenchuk (Kosovo), where an abandoned cinema was transformed into a youth center. During the following years a concrete structure was converted into an alternative sociocultural center in Prishtina (Kosovo), a square was revived in Granada (Spain), and Tetova (Macedonia) got a new skate park and sociocultural center.


    Toestand only plants seeds. At the end of each intuitive construction period, the activated places are transferred entirely to the locals, in particular to the young people already involved.This method clearly works. Termokiss, the alternative sociocultural center in Prishtina, runs at full speed more than ever. And in ‘Social Cultural Space Tetova’, a heap of activities are taking place as well. 


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    List of previous international projects: 


    • 2015 Kremenchuk (Ukraine)
    • 2016 Prishitina (Kosovo)
    • 2017 Granada (Spanje)
    • 2018 Tetova (Macedonië)
    • 2019 TIRANA (ALBANIA)

    Tetova, Macedonia 2018

    Tetova, Macedonië 2018

    Granada, Spanje, 2017

    Granada, Spanje 2017

    Tirana, here we come!


    Just as the past four years, Toestand is reactivating an abandoned building abroad during summertime. This year we’re going to Tirana, the capital of Albania. Not only volunteers from Tirana, but also friends we made during our previous international projects like Termokiss (Kosovo) and Social Cultural Space Tetova (Macedonia) will join forces. In other words: the Toestand International family is growing! 

    To make this international project possible, we’re organising fundraisers at Luypaert, an abandoned building next to Allee du Kaai. The next one will take place on Saturday 22/06 (21:00 – 06:00)
    >>>> Moskou Afterparty + Kraak  




    Camera/edit/direction: Margo Mot
    Sound: Emma Pajevic 

    Last summer Toestand left for Tetovo, a city in the north-west of Macedonia. Over there a abandoned radiostation was turned into a social-cultural center and a desolate bus station was transformed into a skate park. Volunteers from Kosovo and Switserland joined forces. Just like many enthousiastic locals. The result? Social Cultural Space Tetova!

    Just like the impact of the project, the storyline of the documentary was unpredictable. But one thing instantly became clear: women with grinding wheels, screws and hammers, where rather unseen in Tetova. Suddenly, our film had an unexpected storyline. Because perhaps we were not only constructing a socio-cultural center, but also a new perspective?


    Open Call!

    Want to join? Send a motivation letter to in which you tell us who you are, as well as why you would like to join the international project.

    The deadline for the application is November 15th. The selection will be communicated around mid-December.

    Social Cultural Space Tetova

    Saying that the building we’ve transformed last month together with Termokiss and Democracy Lab is now in good hands, sounds almost like an understatement. The Social Cultural Space Tetova is getting more beautiful every day! Follow their page to see the project growing.


    Tetova, Macedonia 2018

    Looking back on a succesful project in Tetovë, Tetovo, Macedonia. Thanks to everyone involved for the hard work and the good energy. Special thanks to our partners Termokiss and Democracy Lab for the pleasant cooparation and the warm welcome. It feels good to know that the socio-cultural space & skatepark we’ve created together, are in good hands!


    Granada 2016 (Apache)
    Toestand Mâche Pristina 2016

    25 Belgians (Toestand), 15 Swiss (InfoQuartier Mâche) and between 5 and 20 Kosovars (Kosovo Architecture Foundation) spent a week building and reactivating the abandoned concrete structure of Termokos to become the local sociocultural center ‘Termokiss’. This project was supported by the Erasmus+ programme.

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