Allee du Kaai Havenlaan 53, 1000 Brussel
BiestebroekBis (Anderlecht) Gustaaf Vanden Berghestraat 24, 1070 Anderlecht
  • Activiteiten
    15/02 Biestebar + Film Screening

    Zet je schrap want onze eerste echte ‘Journée BiestebroekBis Dag’ komt er aan! Maak er kennis met onze ruimtes, onze partners en hun fantastische activiteiten. Jong en oud, iedereen is welkom!
    Fb: Biestebar + Film Screening: Ronde van Rwanda 

    10/03 BiestebroekBis Brocante

    Looking for something to pimp your home? A game for the kids? An original piece of clothing for the most stylish spring ever? Then BiestebroekBis is the place to be next Sunday. We’re having a flea market for and by people from the neighborhood. If you’d like to sell some stuff as well, reserve a sales stand by mailing

    Sunday 10.03@BiestebroekBis 
    14:00 – 18:00 
    Fb:BiestebroekBis Brocante

    23/03 - 24/03 Crazy mini golf building days 

    During these two days we will build awesomely funky, twisted and hilarious mini golf courses at BiestebroekBis. So organise yourself, make a few sketches and try to come up with the craziest idea so we can realise it together. Extra points for recuperating specific materials: the more we have planned or gathered in advance, the more fun we will have while building! Material to make a basic cours will be provided by us, in any case.

    Saturday 23.03 – Sunday 23.03 @ BiestebroekBis
    Fb: Crazy Mini Golf Building Days 

    Marie Moskou (St-Gillis) Moskoustraat, 1060 Sint Gillis
    Leegstond (Book of Toestand) Boekvoorstelling: 8 mei 2018
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