Allee du Kaai Havenlaan 53, 1000 Brussel
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    Open moments

    We’re open! Allee Du Kaai welcomes you during the open moments in her cozy space where you can play pingpong, play games or just hang around. Those who have questions or suggestions regarding the “Luna Park”, know that anything is possible. We listen with pleasure to all your suggestions. Wednesday: 13:00 – 18.00/ Friday: 15:00 – 18:00  /Saturday: 14:00 – 22:00

    Location: RAG


    Barlok a forum for exchange, creation and exhibition. Barlok wants to bring people together with the aim to revalue and strengthen a social patchwork. This by giving priority to comfort, affordability and interactivity of the offer. Thus, we can transcend the boundaries between artists and the public. A place to express yourself and to carry out and create artwork by artists from here and elsewhere.

    Location: RAG

    Facebook: Barlok Barlok




    Martial arts on rhythmical music. 


    Tuesday & Friday
    17:00 – 18:00 kids <10 jaar 
    18:00 – 18:00 youngsters >10 jaar

    Hashet Collectif

    Hashet is een artistiek collectief in Brussel, actief sinds 2013. Hun activiteiten draaien rond zeefdruk, micro-edities en auto-edities. Hun atelier is een ruimte van uitwisseling van kennis en techniek. 



    Wood workshop

    We process recycled wood with hand tools in order to get the basics better mastered. You can also help with our upcycling projects and we can assist you in making your own project. Everyone welcome! Location: Atelier

    Bike Workshop



    In our bike workshop, people can repair their bikes themselves and with professional guidance. A handful of volunteers offer their knowledge and materials so that you can ultimately restore your bike when needed. To support the bicycle workshop and its volunteers we ask you to make a free contribution for each repair. When bicycle parts are missing, you can obtain it from the bike workshop.

    Location: Atelier



    La Zinzinerie

    La Zinzinerie is een alternatief collectief dat concerten en evenementen organiseerd. Daarnaast beheren ze ook het indoor en mobiel skatepark.

    Locatie: Zinzinerie

    Facebook: la zinzinerie

    Aerial dance

    <p>Classes of aerial dance, every tuesday afternoon (on appointment), wednesday evening and thursday afternoon (on appointment). Aerial dance is an acrobatic circus technic. Contact Anouk for an appointment.</p>
    <p>Location: Zinzinerie</p>
    <p>Tel: 0472 36 74 63</p>

    Skateboard lessons



    Our skatepark is located in the large warehouse next to the lawn. The skate classes for children are 1 time per week and given by professional skaters. If you do not have a skateboard, nor kneepads, do not worry, here you can borrow anything. The skate park is maintained by your free contribution. We also have a skate bowl in the outdoor space that is 24h / 24h at your disposal.

    Location: Zinzinerie




    Box and selfdefence



    Every wednesday evening there are boxinglessons within the concept of safety and emancipation voor they who struggle for a society without fascism, sexism or exploitation. This begins with controling your own body and environment. The classes are free contribution and are given in group.

    Location: Zinzinerie



    Jam Session



    Musical vibe, where musicians can share and exchange their passion, you have a free access to the material and you can bring yours too. The skatepark is open during the Jam session.

    Location: Zinzinerie






    Zinzinerie in partnership with “Skatedelics Traveling Ramps” : a mobile mini ramp, movable to different places and events to promote skateboarding. The skate modules are a creation for the indoor skatepark of La Zinzinerie. There are skateboarding sessions two or three times a week.

    Location: Zinzinerie



    Magazin 4

    Havenlaan 51 B
    1000 Brussel 

    Onze vriendelijke buren Magazin 4 organiseren concerten. Alle alternatieve muziek- stijlen komen er aan bod. Bekijk hun website voor meer informatie:


    Havenlaan 53
    1000 Brussel 

    is een forum voor uitwisseling, creatie en tentoonstelling. Barlok wil mensen samenbrengen met als doel een sociaal patchwork te herwaarde- ren en te versterken. Dit door voorrang te geven aan gezelligheid, betaalbaar- heid en interactiviteit van het aanbod. Zo kunnen we de grenzen tussen artiesten en het publiek overstijgen.

    BiestebroekBis (Anderlecht) Gustaaf Vanden Berghestraat 24, 1070 Anderlecht
    Marie Moskou (St-Gillis) Moskoustraat, 1060 Sint Gillis
    Leegstond (Book of Toestand) Boekvoorstelling: 8 mei 2018
    Toestand International Havenlaan 53, 1000 Brussel
    La Dalle (Marollen) Marollen, 1000 Brussel