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    The Brussels canal is an area under development. Plenty of projects are set up, and the Materialenkaai is one of them. Materialenkaai runs along the Avenue du Port, opposite Thurn & Taxis. Brussels Environment, in cooperation with Beliris, convert it to a public pard of 3.20 hectares.

    Since the realization of this project is a long process, Brussels Environment already wants to give this dockside a temporary filling. This way the neighborhood can already start creating a social dynamic and offer a taste of what could be the future park. To manage this, “Allee Du Kaai” was established.

    “Allee Du Kaai”, project of ngo Toestand and Brussels Environment, wants to be a fun & informal meeting place where social, cultural and sporting initiatives can be developed and supported. This place is a temporary space where, waiting for the completion of the park, the residents can come into contact with social, cultural and artistic associations of the Brussels-Capital Region.

    It is the first time in the Brussels region that a public authority developed a project of temporary use. Brussels Environment and ngo Toestand want to start as early as possible to involve the public in the creation of new public spaces, so the neighborhood will have the chance to discover the given space. The focus therefore is primarily on the process that occurs, rather than the final result.

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